1882 U.S. 27 South, Winchester, Indiana

Reservations: (765) 808-8730

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Welcome to the Randolph County Asylum / Infirmary

Located in Winchester, Indiana in Randolph County the Asylum / Infirmary is known in the paranormal community as a building whose dark wards are filled with spirits and a plethora of paranormal activity. Many of the residents of this historical building have never left and continue to make their presence known both day and night.

TV Shows like Paranormal Lockdown have filmed here. Many movies have also been filmed here. Spirits of young children and older adults continue to roam the hallways and kitchen. The EVPs and personal experiences are rarely disappointing for those brave enough to investigate its hallowed hallways.

Come and investigate the unusual goings-on. Come find out for yourself if the residents are still here? Book a wedding here! This building is great for history lovers!

Are you ready? Do you have the courage to investigate the dark hallways and rooms of the Randolph County Infirmary/Asylum?

Call 765-808-8730 to schedule your investigation today!

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WE ARE OPEN FOR INVESTIGATIONS! We are of course taking measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety, by disinfecting between groups coming in and not holding any public events until the Governor gives us to go ahead, but for anyone who’s looking for a place to investigate after a month or longer of lockdown, we would love to welcome you to one of our locations!

NOTE: By order of the Governor of Indiana, you are required to wear a mask while in public. If you do not have a mask, take a look at the Official RCA Neck Gaiter.


Flashlight Halloween Tours

We are excited to bring you Halloween fun for the 16 and over crowd. Halloween night at 8, 9, and 10PM, we will offer haunted flashlight tours. Imagine tours of a real paranormal location with some added Halloween tricks to give you all a scary treat.

Cost is $25 per person and tickets are pre-sale. You can book today by calling Kate at 765-808-8730 or by going to our online store at www.save-the-old-properties.square.site.

A full moon, a haunted asylum, and scares. . . Does Halloween get any better than this?


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